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My name is Hudson Birdsong. I grew up in Houston, TX. I am dedicated and hardworking. I worked every summer from the age 8 to 18 mowing lawns to earn money for college. After I graduated high school I went to community college, and then transferred to the University Of Houston where I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with a Minor in Mathematics. I chose to Major in Computer Science to gain a strong foundation in: computer theory, software design/development, programming, mathematics, and to improve my overall knowledge/skill set. I am a disciplined person and my college experience only served to reinforce this strength. I spent countless hours learning Computer Science and studying for exams, and I loved it! I graduated in December 2019. Now I am seeking an opportunity to utilize my personal and technical skills as a Software Engineer. My goal is to utilize my strong discipline along with my technical knowledge to become an indispensable and valuable asset for the company and team that I join.


What I can do for you

Programming Languages

I have developed and programmed in the following: JavaScript, Python, Node.js, C/C++, HTML, CSS.

Web Development

I am well versed in JavaScript fullstack development. I have made applications using the following: JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB/Mongoose, EJS.

Databases / Other

NoSQL (MongoDB) and Mongoose, SQL (MySQL) and Sequalize. RESTful Routing. CRUD Operations. Git and Github. Heroku Deployment. Bootstrap, Semantic UI.


View some of my recent work
Web Development


Campify is for the camping enthusiast who want to share where they have stayed around the World, and learn about new campground gems. This is a Fullstack JavaScript application. I used Node.js, Express.js, EJS, Bootstrap and others. Please go explore the campgrounds!

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Web Development

Naphtha Oil

Naphtha Oil is a project I built for my Software Design course at the University Of Houston. It is a fullstack application built with JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, EJS and Semantic UI. Overview: After a user signs up, they can input the amount of Gallons needed, specify the deliver date and then recieve a quote back before placing the order.

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Game Development

Maze Runner

The Maze Runner game was built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I used the Canvas API - a Web API - along with Matter.js - 2D physics engine - to create this application and build the maze. Click "View Application" below and see if you can solve the maze! To play press these keys to move: "a" "w" "s" "d".

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Work Experience

Past and current jobs
  • Freelance Website Developer

    Developed and built Revoltlock for a Houston Locksmith using the WIX platform. I have recently been hired by PetersonCPA Firm to develop a website for their new estate management company. The website is still in development, but the first iteration can be viewed at Estate-Access. I am implementing the website in WordPress. I developed Int3ntionalD3sign for a local Houston artist using the WIX platform.

  • Aerial Drone Productions

    ADP provides cutting edge aerial services in photography and videography using industry leading drones. Responsibilities include: Creative Director, Camera Operator, Team Lead in drone logistics, organize image request and adhear to overall FAA rules and regulations.

  • Floor Plan Graphics

    FPG provides Floor Plans and Square Footage data. I am a field technician. I work with the company's proprietary measuring software. I use it to build and create intricate floor plans, generate detailed square footage calculations, which is all based on precise laser measurements.


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